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The 2023 Proving Grounds Video Series is here! Topics include details on ways to evaluate planter performance, a review of our shift to banding nitrogen ... a discussion on diversifying our crops and more! Check the video library out anytime at

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Did you know that our entire proving grounds library is available 24/7? The website is organized by year, so if you missed an event or simply want to rewatch something you can easily navigate through the videos to find what you're searching for. The website is mobile friendly, so you can watch on the go. From product updates, agronomic topics and more. Check it out at



August 15 - 16  //  Saint Johns, MI  //  Booth #P306, 307

August 15 - 17  //  Mitchell, SD  //  Booth #243

August 29 - 30  //  Decatur, IL  //  Booth #367


2022 Yield Summit

Yield Summit is our winter meeting where we share product updates and yield data. This year Gregg and Tim Sauder had a lot to talk about. Topics included yield results from our 2021 research plots, an update on 360 RAIN and new practices Gregg and team are adopting to try to stay profitable in a high commodity price environment.

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No, it's not as much fun as being at a REAL farm show but come on in and walk around our VIRTUAL farm show display. You'll find the same information and demonstrations we normally have outdoors. There are videos of our farm show presentations and videos of our field demonstrations.