Our Approach

A Better Way to Use Nitrogen

The Base-Plus Approach

In the past, a farm’s entire supply of nitrogen for a season was applied months before it would be used by the crop. A single heavy rain could wash out a significant portion of the nitrogen and devastate the farm’s crops.

360 Yield Center gives you more control with a harvest-to-pollination system that makes more nutrients available to the plants when they need it. The centerpiece of this strategy is the base-plus approach, and includes three parts; build, measure, and apply.

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Build A
Nitrogen Base

Running out of nitrogen stalls growth, meaning ears of corn will be shorter and grain fill will suffer. Start strong by managing crop residue, improving root access to nutrients and applying a base of nitrogen in the fall or spring while saving a portion of your supply for later in the season. 

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Measure How Much Nitrogen is Available to Finish the Crop

Don’t be left guessing how much nitrogen you have left and how much you need to achieve your yield goals. With 360 SOILSCAN, you will know exactly how much nitrogen is present through real-time measurement.

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Apply At the Right Time
and Place

Mid-season “refueling” means you can adjust application rates to match the crop’s need. Our 360 Y‑DROP gives you the flexibility and control to time midseason nitrogen application. It also places nitrogen at the base of the stalk, right over the root mass for rapid and efficient uptake.


Our attachments, tools and processes -- created and tested inside our sprayer and tractor cabs -- add value to the expensive equipment and assets you already own.


Your nitrogen strategy is just one piece of a complicated puzzle we continue to make easier to solve.

We’ve spent years innovating and creating valuable tools to make each season better than the last. These tools include:

  • 360 BANDIT

    The simple, safe solution for banding nitrogen with your planter.

  • 360 WAVE

    Enhanced seed-trench closing with rapid starter uptake.

  • 360 DASH

    Boost starter performance while cutting starter costs.

  • 360 TANKS

    Capacity and balance for in-field productivity.

  • 360 Y-DROP®

    Boost yields by an average of 13.8 bushels per acre with 360 Y-DROP.

  • 360 Y-DROP

    Get precise placement with 360 Y-DROP Sidedress.

  • 360 GLIDE

    Gain control and reduce fatigue.

  • 360 SOILSCAN

    Know exactly how much nitrogen you have left in your soil with 360 SOILSCAN.


    Target your fungicides, insecticides and nutrients where they're needed most - under the crop canopy.

  • 360 CHAINROLL®

    Create the right environment for soil microbes and nitrogen availability.

  • 360 YIELD SAVER®

    Save more of what you grow with 360 YIELD SAVER.

  • 360 BULLET®

    Fracture the complete soil profile for better root penetration and access to nutrients.

  • 360 RAIN

    Providing the "million-dollar" rain that lets crops thrive.