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Regardless of the season, with 360 Y-DROP, you win.

In today's tight market, managing input costs is critical. Nitrogen is typically the second most expensive input. Getting the most efficiency out of this investment is critical. Lowering nitrogen use efficiency from 1.0 to 0.7 can have a huge impact on profitability.

360 Y-DROP lets you wait for your final application so you can adjust rates to match the crop's needs. Wet. Dry. Ideal. You supply only what the plants need - protecting yield potential and reducing overall nitrogen costs.


The corn plant uses 75% of its N after V10. By re-stocking the soil's nitrogen supply later in the season, you are better able to supply only enough to allow the corn to hit your yield goal. Plus, unlike traditional coulter sidedress systems, 360 Y-DROP gives you a much wider application window - more than 30 days from V6 - VT.

Where N is applied is just as important as when it is applied. A corn plant acquires more than 60% of its N within seven inches from the stalk base. With 360 Y-DROP, you apply N right at the base of the plant. This ensures that nearly 80% of the root mass is within the application zone.


Four-position adjustable arms allow for precision placement in 15-inch to 36-inch rows and variable rate nozzles are available for precise rate control.

Variable rate nozzles for customizing the rate, time and placement.

Breakaway mounting brackets and a flexible riser allow for easier navigation across hills and uneven terrain.

Curved hoses follow the corn rows and won't flop or "dance" which ensures nitrogen is delivered to the soil, not the stalk or leaves.

Shield keeps leaves from wrapping around the riser or hoses.

Payback Plus in The First Year

Use these ROI calculators to see how quickly an investment in 360 Y-DROP pays you back. Just enter your costs, your acres, expected yield increase and corn price. Test different yield responses and different crop prices to see how it impacts ROI.

Click here for side-by-side yield trials that can help you determine the yield increase to enter into the calculator.

For product price, either use the full cost of the product, or the incremental upgrade cost - the difference between the standard replacement part cost and the 360 upgrade parts.

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