Our Team

Who We Are

360 Yield Center is a team of farmers, agronomists, and engineers who develop solutions to help you get more from less inputs.

360 Yield Center, founded by Gregg Sauder, began with a question. How can we prevent nature and inefficiencies from negatively impacting a farm's season? After a 2012 drought caused the worst season in the history of the Sauder family farm, Gregg launched 360 Yield Center. He set out to equip his farm, and farms across the Midwest, with the tools and resources needed to make the most of every season.

How we define success

Successful nutrient management starts with harvest and continues through tassel. Starting with a new and more efficient nitrogen strategy, called the base-plus approach to nitrogen management, we've developed and tested new processes and products on our family farm. In just a few years, we’ve been able to develop tools and attachments that add value to the equipment you already own. Each tool we introduce must meet these three criteria:

  • Increase yield in the most efficient way possible
  • Lower input costs
  • Have the ability to pay for itself in the first year

The farmer is at the heart of everything we do. Our team is focused on creating new solutions to capture more yield, and ultimately returns, for your farm.

"The greatest feeling in the world for me is when I know that I've helped increase a farm family's yield, which in turn increased their net profit."

Gregg Sauder, Founder & President

Meet The Team

I’m Gregg Sauder, and it is my passion to help farm families by helping them grow more bushels. I know the difference between profit and a painful loss can be one timely half inch of rain. My goal is to find ways to succeed regardless of the weather variables that hit us each year. That reduces stress and, either saves us input dollars or adds yield.

Before our ideas and inventions are used on your farm, they are tested on our farm and the farms of our agronomists and sales team. Once I believe that there is true value in a product, we make it available to you.

My wife, Cindy, and I started Precision Planting in the early 90’s because I saw that the inaccuracy for planters was costing us yield. That started our family farm’s transition from a hog and grain operation to a farm and business that invents new ideas for ag. Today, we farm, run a Jersey dairy operation and continue to innovate through 360 Yield Center. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions, and I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you and your farm.

My career has revolved around developing technologies to drive agricultural excellence, from building Precision Planting with my family to launching 360 Yield Center. I’m not a college-trained engineer. My “degree” comes from years in our farm shop solving problems from things that broke. My approach to inventing and innovating is that we learn more by spending time in the field then we do in front of the CAD screen. So our team of college-trained engineers spend most of their time out of the office. We certainly do all of the advanced engineering analysis included metallurgical testing, strain gauges, 3-D printing, high speed cameras and more . . . .we just balance those tools with the real world experience of breaking things.

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