Precision Placement of Anhydrous Ammonia

Sure, anhydrous ammonia is an economical way to deliver N to your fields, especially as a foundation in the fall. But traditional methods involving heat exchangers and cold flow deliver some drawbacks and limitations, too.

At Proving Grounds, we introduced 360 EQUI-FLOW, the latest addition to the 360 Yield Center toolbox, which provides better row-to-row accuracy for anhydrous ammonia application.

With 360 EQUI-FLOW, you can:

  • Reduce the 25% row-to-row variability seen with other systems to less than 4%, so the foundation is evenly applied and each plant gets the same nitrogen and the same chance to thrive.
  • Expand your application window to lower temperatures, when ammonia works best.
  • Eliminate the icing, build-up and sealing problems you’ve had before – and the ammonia losses that come with it.

Take a look at this video to learn more about how you can get better accuracy with NH3.