The Quest for 400 bu/A. What Went Right. What Went Wrong.

This year at our field day, Proving Grounds 2015, I shared practical lessons learned in my team’s quest for 400 bushels per acre. A lot went right and some things went wrong but the journey helped us better understand how we can capture as much yield as possible.

During the opening session, I discussed many things that influenced our yield, including the dramatic impact of proper drainage, as well as how to capture the maximum amount of sunlight through strategic plant spacing, population and hybrid selection.

For this growing season, many of us really struggled to understand if the vast amounts of rain depleted our nitrogen reserves. In this video, I demonstrate how you can measure the amount of N available to the corn plant and offer new applications options to supply the N at the right time and in the right place.

Getting to 400 bushels means managing light, water and nutrients. In this video, I share my ideas on how we can do this most efficiently.