Better N Availability with Advanced Residue Management

Our goal at 360 Yield Center is to help you get the most from your nitrogen investment. So at Proving Grounds 2015, I shared a new way to make nitrogen more readily available in our fields – starting at harvest. 360 CHAINROLL is a new retrofit stalk roll that crimps and chops the stalk while still keeping it held together – like a chain – to speed up decomposition, increase access for microbes and boost nitrogen availability for emerging corn plants.

Intact stalks take too long for microbial action and can get in the way of emerging plants. So we created 360 CHAINROLL to produce stable, but scored, residue pieces that will provide a prime environment for microbial breakdown- allowing microbes to do their work, and offering an optimal condition for seedbed preparation.

Take a look at the video below as I share how this technology has been developed, and see how it has worked to do what farmers need it to do break down residue quicker.