360 EQUI-FLOW now available with Variable Orifice Manifold

Morton, Ill., February 23, 2017 – 360 Yield Center unveils a Variable Orifice Manifold for the 360 EQUI-FLOW anhydrous applicator. The manifold allows operators to vary NH3 application rates to match the variablitliy of soil types, slopes and organic matter. It works in conjunction with 360 EQUI-FLOW, a pressurized application system that increases row-to-row accuracy by keeping anhydrous in a liquid state.

The system is controlled through the 360 Yield Center controller iPad app or through a John Deere display. Users can quickly and easily control both the 360 EQUI-FLOW system and the Variable Orifice Manifold.

The manifold maintains rate automatically by adjusting variable orifices without any user input, while pressure sensors on each row monitor for plugged or blocked rows and send data to the iPad app. A positive shutoff and flowmeter at each section manifold more accurately meters the flow rate through each section and eliminates the need for additional valves.

The Variable Orifice Manifold will be available for use in application this fall.

To learn more about the Variable Orifice Manifold, click here to access an informational video. For more information on 360 Yield Center and 360 EQUI-FLOW, visit www.360yieldcenter.com.