Gain control of water with pattern tiling

Water is a blessing. But, poor drainage can negatively impact your crops. With pattern tiling, you can gain more control over water so you can capture more yield potential.

Pattern tiling allows you to better manage water, improve your soil and capture more yield. Benefits include:

  • Improved soil aeration and reduced compaction
  • Deeper root growth to withstand drought
  • Lower fertilizer usage
  • Decreased soil erosion
  • Removal of toxins and disease organisms
  • More efficient and timely operations
  • Increased farmland values

360 Water Solutions is a regional pattern tiling service from 360 Yield Center. We work with farmers to build drainage plans that work for their field and their farm. We take an approach that’s centered around you, and we work with you to determine the best approach, whether that’s tiling an entire farm at once, tiling just one field or developing a phased approach over the course of several seasons.

Steps in the process
Step 1:
Conduct an on-farm visit and discuss the farm’s needs.
Step 2: Complete an RTK survey and generate a topographic map.
Step 3: Develop a drainage plan utilizing the latest computer software.
Step 4: Discuss options for installation – a complete system or a phased approach.
Step 5: Professional installation.
Step 6: Post-installation warranty, service and repair.

Want to learn more?
Interested in pattern tiling and want to know more? Our regional teams based in Tremont, Ill. and Sidell, Ill., are willing to discuss options for pattern tiling services in Illinois and parts of Indiana and Iowa. Reach out to us at or call Mark Shortz at 217-474-0689.