Trial Data: 360 Y-DROP Late Season Nitrogen Application Trial

Yield results continue to roll in across the Corn Belt from our various field trials. In this trial, located in southern Illinois, we compared eight different application plans with a total of 16 passes in the field. The trial aimed to compare the yield impact of late-season nitrogen application with a traditional one-and-done approach.

As you see in the photo to the right, we see two significant themes. First, the split nitrogen application improved yield as compared to the control – which was a one-and-done approach, applying 200 lb. of N at preplant. Second, we see that the addition of a 360 Y-DROP nitrogen application substantially increased yield by an average of 29.5 bu/A. On top of that, in low areas where heavy rain caused ponding, 360 Y-DROP had an even greater impact, increasing yield by 35 bu/A.

For more background on the trial, take a look at Gregg Sauder’s presentation at Proving Grounds. Also, stay tuned for our 360 Yield Center Yield Book, an in-depth analysis of our 2015 field trials, coming soon in early 2016. You can also click here learn more about 360 Y-DROP, or by talking with a local dealer.