Trial Data: Nitrogen Timing and Placement

This trial tested 360 Y-DROP on soils away from the Corn Belt. The side-by-side trial on the farm of Stan & Aaron Smith in Southern Michigan aimed at comparing the yield impacts of traditional sidedress application at V6 with a coulter bar against a mid-season N application at V10 with 360 Y-DROP. The same amount of nitrogen was used for both applications -timing and placement were the only variables.

Historical rainfall early in the growing season put much of the N applied at V6 at risk of loss in the environment. In contrast, the V10 application of N with 360 Y-DROP replenished and repositioned N in accordance with the crop’s needs.

Farm & Trial Details

  • Soil: Blount Silty Loam; 0 to 4% slope, 9 CEC, Conventional till
  • Planting: May 1, 2015; DKC 54-58; 33,000 population
  • Nitrogen Treatment:
    • Nitrogen was applied equally to both sides of a man-made ditch at 60 lb. N/A 28% with weed and feed at planting.
    • Coulter treatments were applied on June 8 @ V6 with 105 lb. N as 28%
    • 360 Y-DROP treatments were applied on June 26 @ V10 with 105 lb. N as 28%
    • Both treatments received the same total lb. nitrogenScreen Shot 2015-11-18 at 5.09.52 PM

The Results Are In: Later N Application Pays

By applying N later in the season – at V10 – and placing N over a majority of the root system – with 360 Y-DROP – this grower experienced an averaged of a 56.3 bu/A advantage.

That’s an additional $225 per acre.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 5.10.03 PM