360 Yield Center Releases Data from Over 100 Plots Across Corn Belt in 2015 Yield Book

MORTON, Ill., Feb. 12, 2016 – During the 2015 growing season, 360 Yield Center collected data from over 100 field trials across the Corn Belt to test 360 Yield Center products against traditional nutrient management practices. The goal was to develop key learnings and observations from the trials, and share with growers as they assess their crop management plans for 2016.

The results are in. Across the 360 Y-DROP trials, 360 Yield Center saw a 73% win rate, with data indicating that 360 Y-DROP applications provided a 13.8 bu/A advantage over conventional applications. And, data proved that both nutrient placement and application timing played a critical role in yields in 2015.

“My takeaway from our data is that we will consistently be better off if we don’t put all of our N on up front. Reserve some and wait for Mother Nature to show her hand,” says Ron Lloyd, director of agronomy at 360 Yield Center. Lloyd says the data supports a base-plus approach to nutrient management:

  1. Apply a base of nitrogen – enough to get corn off to a strong start.
  2. Measure in-season with 360 SOILSCANTM to know how much nitrate-N you have left. Then, determine how much, if any, additional N is needed to finish the season.
  3. Use 360 Y-DROP® to widen your window and sidedress later in the season – when the crop needs it most.

Additionally, 360 UNDERCOVER® showed stunning advantages over broadcast application with its in-canopy application, providing a bottom-up approach to plant health.

The 360 Yield Center 2015 Yield Book is available to view in the following link: https://www.360yieldcenter.com/our_approach/#view


About 360 Yield Center

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