360 YIELD PATROL™ Available for Download

MORTON, Ill., April 20, 2016 – 360 YIELD PATROL™, the new free soil sampling app from 360 Yield Center®, is now available for download on iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod® touch.

This new app enhances the user experience of 360 SOILSCAN™, a portable soil testing system that provides users with real-time, zone-specific soil nitrate analyses. Data can be transferred wireless directly from 360 YIELD PATROL to 360 SOILSCAN, saving time and ensuring data accuracy. Users create a customer account compatible with both the 360 SOILSCAN App and 360 YIELD PATROL App. Information entered into 360 YIELD PATROL is automatically uploaded to the cloud, where it can be accessed through 360 SOILSCAN.

The purpose of 360 YIELD PATROL is to help users track their sample locations, and serves as a reference to identify and monitor particular areas within a field. Users can mark sample points, and record sample bags through the use of a QR code. They can then use that tracking information to return to the spot where the original sample was taken.

Data from 360 YIELD PATROL can be retrieved through the 360 SOILSCAN app by simply scanning the QR code on a sample bag, or running a search under the ‘Analyze’ tab during the mixing stage. After this is completed, all information entered on 360 YIELD PATROL is visible through 360 SOILSCAN. Once the analysis is completed, users have the option to create a report complete with a map of field sample locations, along with their NO3-N information.

In addition, the 360 YIELD PATROL App allows users to import zones and maps as well as log field observations of troublesome areas.

About 360 Yield Center

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