Management and Surveillance of Sugarcane Aphids

Due to the mild winter in the south it is possible that sugarcane aphids may become a damaging pest of grain sorghum again this year. First discovered as a pest in grain in 2013, they have quickly expanded their territory and severity.

Two main reasons for the increase in damage are the population dynamics of the pest and lack of beneficial insect control. Sugarcane aphids have the ability to explode in numbers in a very short time and the natural disease and insect predators are not currently adequate to exert enough population pressure on the pest.

Watch the video below to learn about a few tips for managing sugarcane aphids and be sure to check out?360 UNDERCOVER, our new technology that can enhance your coverage by allowing you to spray plant health products under the canopy.

For more information about the problem with sugarcane aphids, as well as treatments, refer to our technical bulletin, as well as these from the?University of Arkansas and Texas A&M University.