Wheat Disease Alert: Fusarium Head Scab

Conditions continue to be favorable for development of wheat diseases. Powdery mildew in the north, septoria tritici, and fusarium head scab among others are potential issues.


Example map from fusarium head scab risk assessment tool

Fusarium head scab is a disease that infects the head during flowering, so good coverage of the head is imperative to help manage this disease.

Below are images taken this past year comparing 360 UNDERCOVER® system to a twin cap system commonly used on wheat in the Dakotas.

As you can see, coverage on both the front and back of the head has been improved by running 360 UNDERCOVER over the top of the wheat right around Feekes stage 10.5.1.

For more information about 360 UNDERCOVER, contact your local dealer or call
1-888-512-4890. To learn more about head scab in wheat, check out this Yield Minute.