360 YIELD SAVER Added to Agreement with John Deere

Morton, Ill., Feb. 14, 2017 – 360 Yield Center has expanded its allied agreement with John Deere to include 360 YIELD SAVER™ for use on the John Deere 90 series and 600C/FC series corn heads. By including 360 YIELD SAVER in the distribution agreement, Deere approves the use of the product on its machines. The initial agreement, announced in June of 2016, allowed 360 Y-DROP® and 360 UNDERCOVER® application products to be sold and supported through the John Deere dealer channel in the U.S. and portions of Canada.

Traditional corn heads have gaps between the deck plates and gathering chains that result in kernel loss. 360 Yield Saver™ uses intermeshing bristles to capture more kernels and reduce front end equipment losses. Side-by-side tests have shown that 360 YIELD SAVER can reduce header loss by over 80% compared to the loss from standard gathering chains.

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